The Band



Their Story

Jack, Ben and Elliott each started performing cover songs through Dace's Rock'n More at quarterly shows.  Jack and Ben were the original members of Disasterpiece and they met Elliott after a local summer gig. Elliott joined the band for the next quarter.

Disasterpiece moved on to performing covers and originals at Street Fairs, Christmas Bazaars and Private Parties in addition to their shows with Rock'n More.  Once quarantine hit, Jack kicked his writing into high gear. The band started performing throughout town at food truck events providing Socially Distanced entertainment for people waiting for food.

The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive and the band realized they had something special.  Their next logical step was to start recording. Buy their singles "What to Say" here and "Look in the Mirror" here.

Their combination of Punk, Rock and Grunge is exciting everyone who crosses their path.



Who’s Who



Guitarist, Vocalist and Studio Bassist

Since Jack got his first guitar three years ago, he has never put it down. Jack writes music constantly and his family has grown accustomed to hearing guitar in the background of every day life.  If music is his first love, football is his second.  Monday, Thursday and Sunday are full of NFL games.  Jack also enjoys running on a cross-country team, snowboarding with friends, camping, biking, hiking.  He is inspired by Grunge, Metal, Punk and Classic Rock.

His song writing really took off during quarantine and there is no turning back now.



Guitarist and Backup Vocals

Elliott has always had an interest in music and playing instruments. He started young with piano and violin lessons, but at age 8 when he first heard Eddie Van Halen's Eruption, he begged his parents for an electric guitar. His favorite musical artists are from rock, grunge and metal genres, however he enjoys listening to classical, blues, funk and bluegrass as well. Outside of Disasterpiece, Elliott likes to spend time shredding Tiger Mountain or Duthie Hill on his mountain bike, snowboarding, playing stand up bass, camping, fishing and hanging out with friends.

Like many guitarists, he's still working on Eruption!




Ben begged for drum lessons when he was six and it was clear from the start that he was a musician. Ben loves fancy hotels and road tripping to the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.  He is crazy about dogs and has even left the stage during shows if a cute one was walking by.  He loves to laugh and will go to any extent to make others laugh.  Ben practices multiple hours a day in his man cave, which he keeps much tidier than his room.

Ben picked up binge watching Netflix over quarantine.  Two of his favorites are Schitt's Creek and The Office.

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